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TMB Software is really only made up of 1 employee, that's me!  Of course I am not going to tell you exactly who me is, only that my first name starts with a T (like in TMB.)  OK, it's Tony.  Ya happy now?
You'll probably notice throughout this website that I like to refer to TMB Software as us, but don't worry that's just my way of saying that it's not about me, it's about the games, the software and, to a much lesser extent, the music.
I use a great little program called Multimedia Fusion Express, by ClickTeam, to create software for your PC.  You can visit their website to check out their excellent program Multimedia Fusion, big brother to MMF Express, by going to
This website is sort of a side project for me, so at the moment there are only a few games that you can download.  As I get time, while I'm not looking after our son, or doing any real world things, I will make some more games for you to play.  Maybe I'll even record some new music and put it up for you to download, who knows?
untitled stateI have included a music section where you can download the original songs that I recorded with my old band, SELLING KAIN a.k.a. OUTBREAK a.k.a. UNTITLED STATE.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they're by any means great, or even good, songs, but I just thought that you might need some fresh music to fill up your iPod, MuVo or whatever.  We were young and only just getting started, and maybe we should have taken the time to learn the songs properly before recording them, instead of just 2 days.  It may have even helped if we hadn't broken up right after recording them, but then again, this website probably wouldn't be here if that had been any different.  Anyway, if you do download any songs then I hope you do enjoy them.
Remember to check out the updates page whenever you visit to catch up on any additions to the site that you may have missed.
Well, that's about it, well at least that I can think of.  If you do have a look at the games I hope they give you at least a little bit of a fun distraction for a while.  If not, there's, probably, always something on Reality Televison.  Oh, I mean Network TV.
Thanks for reading.
Tony. :)


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